Samsung AirDresser FAQs

The AirDresser FAQs have been designed to answer your questions on the general use of the Samsung AirDresser. For more information on how to use the AirDresser and its cycles please refer to the Samsung AirDresser Usage Guide.    

How tall is the AirDresser cabinet?

The AirDresser’s height is 1850mm. It has a depth of 615mm, is 445mm wide and weights 89kg (without packaging).     

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, AirDresser comes with a 12 month Samsung manufacturer's warranty as standard. Samsung also offers optional extended warranty offers. Read more their warranty extensions on the Samsung website.

Can the AirDresser be built around?

Yes, the AirDresser can be built around as it has no external facing vents. At Smallbone, we supply the AirDresser as a standalone cabinet, or integrated into the furniture of a bespoke bedroom, dressing room, kitchen or utility project. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a home project.

Can you reverse the door hinges?  

No. The door’s hinges are on the right, so the door opens left to right.

How do I move the AirDresser?

There are two wheels underneath the product to assist moving it. To prevent the product from tipping over when moving the product, we recommend pushing the middle of the product - do not push the top or the bottom.  Empty the Refill Tank and the Drain Tank before moving the product to another location. If the tanks are not emptied, water can spill while moving the product.

How do I power the AirDresser?

The product must be plugged into its own individual electrical outlet, which has a voltage rating that matches the rating plate. This optimises performance and prevents overloading house wiring circuits.

How does the AirDresser work?

The AirDresser is a new concept in clothing care appliances, which uses powerful air and steam to clean, relax wrinkles, deodorise and sterilise clothes. This innovative new concept uses powerful air and steam to dust off and deodorise clothes. Heat pump Drying technology offers an energy-efficient way to dry and dehumidify clothes. It can also help reduce wrinkles and eliminate bacteria and viruses, mites, pollen and other harmful substances*.

*Eliminates 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 and Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 bacteria, testing done by Intertek on 100% cotton. Awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval for reduction in exposure to Live House Dust Mites, Fungi/Mould and Bacteria Allergen. Eliminates 99.9% of 3 viruses (Adenovirus, Influenza and Herpesvirus) using the sanitise course, testing done on wool and cotton, results may vary from the testing done in lab , 'School of Pharmacology of Korea University'. Eliminates more than 99.9 % of the COVID-19 (SARS CoV-2) virus using the sanitise course, testing done by Intertek on 100% cotton.

How do I set up the AirDresser?

Setting up the AirDresser is easy. Simply Plug in the product. Check inside to make sure the product is clean and empty. Then fill the water tank. This tank can be filled easily and quickly using your household water supply. Once filled up, place the tank back into the AirDresser and ensure it is secure. Then enter up to 6 items of clothing (it is possible to enter 3 shirts & 3 trousers), though for best results enter up to 3 items. Clothes can be entered both wet or dry. Next, turn on the AirDresser and choose the appropriate cycle. Once selected, the cycle name and duration will display on the front panel. Then simply start and let it run.

Can I link my AirDresser to Samsung SmartThings*?

Yes, the AirDresser connects with Samsung’s SmartThings* and can recommend various cleaning programs and vary the air flow force depending on garment material. The SmartThings app also sends notifications when the cycle is completed and if your AirDresser needs to be cleaned (which is the case every 40 cycles).

*Available on Android and iOS. An internet connection is required.

Cycles, Features & Clothing FAQs

What are AirDresser's cleaning modes?

AirDresser has 13 different cleaning cycles:

  • 4 general cycles: Normal, Delicates, Quick, Sanitize 3 Dry Cycles: Sensor Dry, Time Dry, Room Care
  • 9 special cycles: Suit, School Wear, Winter Coat, Wool/Knit, Outdoor, Down Jackets, Fur/Leather, Heavy Duty, Self Clean

The cycles are selected and activated via the touch screen front panel or via the SmartThings app.

Are there any clothing restrictions?

Fine clothes such as cashmere / wool, chiffon and linen may get damaged during sterilisation.

Silk materials are only suitable for fine dust cycles.
Fur/leather, waterproof coating, fire resistant, Gore-Tex and cashmere can be damaged if not on the correct cycle.                                                                       

Bedding with memory foam or feathers are not suitable for the AirDresser. For other suitable bedding items, you can add up to 1.5 kg.

To prevent damage to any clothes, please be sure to check the laundry care label attached to your clothes before using any cycle.

Are there any clothes that should not be dried?

Hosiery, woollen blankets, waterproof fabric, wools, silk blend / lace-up lingerie or slips, stockings & tights cannot be dried. Leather / fur / feather / velvet products, wool blend clothing, silk products may be deformed. For products containing sponge, latex, and rubber, drying them may cause damage. Always refer to the laundry care label of the item prior to any cycle.

How does the AirDresser remove odours from clothing, and what happens to these odours?

The AirDresser uses the JetSteam and Deodorising Filter to eliminate odours by disintegrating odour particles such as smoke, sweat & food inside clothes and other materials. Hydrophilic odours which are soluble in water, like cigarette odours, are removed by the steam sprayed by JetSteam feature, which then dissolve the odour molecules. On the other hand, hydrophobic odours (which do not dissolve in water) like meat odours, dissolve in the decomposition filter. As a result, there are minimal odours produced within the product and odours are not absorbed by other clothes inside the AirDresser.

How does Silent Mode work?

In Silent Mode the Jet Air movement is less than Normal Cycle, thereby emitting less noise. On Silent Mode, the noise level is 38dB while it is 42dB on the Normal Cycle.

Can you put clothes into the AirDresser straight from the washing machine?

You can use the AirDresser to dry damp clothing. After removing your items from the washing machine, simply hang them up inside the product and select a drying cycle. If products are fresh out of your washing machine it is suggested to choose either the sensor dry cycle or 2 hour timed dry cycle, ensuring the garments will be thoroughly dry. Once selected press start and let the AirDresser do the rest.

Maintenance, Cleaning & Water Tank FAQs

How does the Self Clean Cycle work, and how often should you use it? 

The Self Clean Cycle uses heat, air and steam to get rid of germs and odours. Before starting the cycle, ensure that the AirDresser is empty and that the door is closed. You will be reminded to use Self Clean cycle after every 40 cycles; the cycle itself takes 120 minutes (2 hours).

Can I add scents/detergent to the water tank to give my clothes a nice scent? 

No you can’t unfortunately. Fill the Refill Tank with water only. Putting any other liquids, such as detergent or fabric softener, could impact the AirDresser’s performance and cause malfunction problems.

How much water does the AirDresser take? 

The capacity of the water tank is 1.5L.

How often do I need to refill the water tank? 

Approximately every 4 cycles. Always check to ensure there is water in the tank before starting the cycle.

Do I need to clean the water tank?

Yes, the water tank and drainage tank should both be cleaned every time you refill or empty the tank for best results.

How often should I empty the lint filter? 

For best results, we recommend cleaning the lint filter before or after using the product. It is recommended to clean the lint filter at least once a month.

Do you have to leave time in between each cycle for the AirDresser to cool down/dry? 

No this is not needed, as the typical operating temperature is between 45 and 50, so once a cycle has finished you can start another straight after.

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